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Driftwood branch

Driftwood branch

Branches of driftwood to the measures you want. Choose the diameter and length you want. For multiple creations.

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Custom driftwood branch. Sold individually

Cut your custom driftwood branches

Perfect for creating objects or furniture in driftwood such as screens, pergolas, frames, tables, chairs, lamps, floor lamps or simply in decoration ...

We offer driftwood branches from 100 cm up to 180 cm with 3 diameters to choose from: 3cm to 6cm, 6cm to 9cm, 9cm to 12cm

Some examples:


-For the creation of a rod: Click HERE


-For the creation of a floor lamp, plan a diameter of 9 to 12 cm or 6 to 9 cm (for a finer foot lamp).


-For the creation of a screen or any other decoration, the diameters 3 to 6 cm and 6 to 9 cm are the most suitable.


We cut your driftwood branches to the size you want but at one end to ensure the authenticity of a real driftwood .

Sea driftwood always has its worked ends as well as natural polishing.

For driftwood branches of small sizes click here: Small driftwood branches

(other dimensions on estimate)


The driftwood of Sophie


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