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Driftwood handrail

Your handrail in driftwood and made to measure.

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Driftwood handrail

In this category, we offer driftwood branches for the realization of handrail, banister or railing.

These driftwood branches are specially selected with an appropriate diameter (+/- 8 cm) and suitable shapes for the realization of a handrail (banister) or railing.

In order to obtain the desired length, we eventually cut one end, or even two ends. In this case, polishing of one or more cut ends will be carried out so as to preserve the natural appearance and aesthetics of the driftwood.

Our driftwood handrails will give you complete satisfaction. For many years now we provide a large number of professionals but also individuals in many countries wishing to decorate and arrange their interior.

For the development of shops or for lengths beyond 180 cm contact us