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Driftwood branches: 2 cut ends - Branches in sea driftwood cut at both ends and made to... - Product GTIN : 3790242042896 - Product Ref : Branches Bois flotte coupées - From 54 combinations

Driftwood branches: 2 cut ends

Driftwood branches: 2 cut ends


Driftwood branches: 2 cut ends

Branches of driftwood at both ends cut to the measurements you want. Choose the diameter and length you want.

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Custom driftwood branches. Cut at both ends

Cut your custom driftwood branches

For some creations, it is simpler and more aesthetic than the two ends are already cut: screens, separations, luminaire suspensions, etc.


We offer driftwood branches cut at both ends from 100 cm up to 180 cm with 3 diameters to choose from: 3cm to 6cm, 6cm to 9cm, 9cm to 12cm


-For the creation of a rod: Click HERE


-For the creation of a floor lamp, plan a diameter of 9 to 12 cm or 6 to 9 cm (for a finer foot lamp).


-For the creation of a screen or any other decoration, the diameters 3 to 6 cm and 6 to 9 cm are the most suitable.


We cut your driftwood branches at both ends and to the extent you want.

Sea driftwood 100% NATURAL!

For driftwood branches of small sizes click here: Small driftwood branches

(other dimensions on estimate)


The driftwood of Sophie


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