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Ecorces d'eucalyptus

Ecorces d'eucalyptus

Eucalyptus barks

The pleasant and naturally beneficent scent of eucalyptus bark gives this beautiful decorative element its value. We offer two lengths of bark (50 and 100 cm) for your different projects of creation and interior decoration.

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Eucalyptus barks from Corsica

Eucalyptus barks have long been recognized for their natural antiseptic properties; their fresh scent decongests the bronchi by purifying the surrounding air. The delicate hues and irregular shapes of these tree bark also make it a raw material for decoration, especially in the composition of potpourris. Depending on your needs, we offer eucalyptus barks of 50 or 100 cm, with cut ends or not. (Due to the nature of this component, note that each piece will be more or less coiled.)

Dimensions: 50cm / 100cm

  • Width de 1cm à 10cm
  • Color Marron/beige

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