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Pack Nature

Pack Nature


For still more personal creations.

Products 100% nature!

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Pack nature

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Pack products of nature

You can, with this nature pack, design beautiful creations 100% natural.

The Driftwood colours are very trends.

Eucalyptus fruits decorate more creations of artists, they bring relief to your creations and a perfume which it never tires.

Fragrant eucalyptus bark will easily find their place in your creations.

Floated cork, thanks their form and their colours, are also very popular for natural creations.


Pack nature :

3.5 kg of driftwood.

+ Eucalyptus barks.

+ Eucalyptus fruits.

+ Floated cork.

+ 1 glue gun.

+ Glue sticks


Total weight 5 kg gross.

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