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Driftwood christmas tree

Driftwood christmas tree

A driftwood christmas tree makes rhyme Christmas with originality and respect for nature. As beautiful that durable, these amazing creations in Driftwood will do blow a wind of poetry on your year-end festivities

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No thorns, no plastic! Natural and reusable, driftwood christmas trees bend to all your decorative desires for Christmas.

Imagine your own driftwood creation: choose the size of your ecological tree (from 80 cm to 200 cm in height), its characteristics (branches cut or uncut) and we will bring your dream to life.

Our driftwood christmas trees are supplied in kit for easy transport and storage.

Specialist in the sale of driftwood christmas trees, The Driftwood shop ensures a perfect record and a renewed pleasure every year.


-Comes with base in Driftwood (Driftwood trunk), mounting stud and timeline (simple and fun).


Limited quantity.

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