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Small driftwood branches

Small driftwood branches


Small driftwood branches

Small driftwood branches in measures that you want. Choose the diameter and the length that you want.

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Driftwood branches on measurement.

Do cut your driftwood branches on measurement

We offer driftwood branches from 20cm to 90 cm with 4 diameters to choose:

1 to 3 cm - 3 to 6 cm - 6 to 9 cm - 9 to 12 cm

Branches can be simple or present a small branching along their length or end.

The color of the branches varies: beige, very light beige, grey, very light grey.

The branches are usually cut at one end to get the desired dimension.

They may be uncut if the length to get is respected.

We cut your driftwood branches as you want but at one end to ensure the authenticity of a real sea driftwood.

Sea driftwoods still have their ends worked well as a natural polishing.

For driftwood branches more large click here: Branches in Driftwood 100 cm to 180 cm

(other dimensions on request)




Sophie's driftwood

  • Color Beige, very light beige, grey, very light grey
  • Length 20 cm to 90 cm
  • Diameter 1/3 cm - 3/6 cm - 6/9 cm - 9/12 cm
  • Features Coupées à une seule extrémité

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